We're recruiting for a new Head of Swim Academy

Published: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Club is looking to recruit a new paid post to head up our Swim Academy, or what you have previously known as the pre-competition and Level 1 swimmers. We have so many pool hours across different pools that it has become untenable to expect a single paid role of Chief Coach to cover all that this entails and unfair on volunteers to be continually asking them to commit more hours.  As a Level 3 coach, we want the Chief Coach to continue to take the lead on our successful Competition Programme which covers Level 2 swimmers and above.  That programme though is very reliant upon the success of the recruitment, retention, and achievement in the small pool which ensures a sufficient number of swimmers progressing through.   


The pre-competition, or Academy programme as it will now become known, needs a dedicated lead and a commitment of hours beyond what we can expect from a volunteer.   For this reason we have made the decision to recruit to a new paid post of Head of Swim Academy.  This will be temporary for 12 months in the first instance and provided recruitment targets are met will be self-financing, thus not resulting in an increase in fees to members.  We will still require the services of our many volunteers on both programmes and hope that with dedicated leads for both areas the volunteers will feel more supported and swimmers and parents will feel better served.  We feel that the division of the programmes in this way will provide both post-holders with a do-able job, and enable the club to continue to thrive. 

Details of the post can be found here and we invite anyone interested to apply.

Closing date is 30th October 2018.